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Watching a documentary on the early days of space travel and I keep imagining the conversation before the rendezvous of Gemini 6 and 7 (and then later the Apollo-Soyuz missions) as going something like this:

"You guys are going to be up there too? Oh man, we should see if we can meet up while we’re there!"

Thu 24
“Human beings, confined as we are to one infinitesimal slice of the cosmic calendar, are overly inclined to hunt for insights in smaller and smaller sub-slivers, ascribing meaning to recent samples that might be too tiny to be statistically significant.” On sample sizes

Sun 20
“I think there’s no simple answer. People want simple answers and they don’t get them. When I first posted stories about my USO trips on my website, I got a lot of emails from young people saying, “Congratulations for helping murderers feel better,” stuff like that. The first few times I wrote anybody back I said, “I wish for you that it was that simple, but it just isn’t.” It just isn’t that simple. Go spend some time with people that are in the military, and the existence of military professionals is just a whole other category if you care to look, and it has nothing to do with George Bush or Saddam Hussein or Bin Laden or any of it. Military families, it’s a whole other thing, and also they have their own level of bullshit to them, too. Any time you are confronted with a real human being in any case, you usually go, “All right, I don’t really know what to think now.”” Louis CK

Tue 15
“Lester B. Pearson argued that you needed a robust military capability to back up the diplomatic capabilities and, ultimately, economic ones. It was never just: “We’re going to be peacekeepers, we’re going to be good guys.” He believed you needed a solid military, because in extremis you will have to use them.” The Interview with Romeo Dallaire, Macleans

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